How to Leverage what YOU ALREADY KNOW into career and business opportunities

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The Expert Audit is the unique inventory of your knowledge, know-how, skills, talents, and abilities to help you leverage what you know into cash flow and career and business opportunities.  

With the Expert Audit you can define your levels of experience, expertise, and authority and create unique opportunities to cash in on what you know and can do.

The Expert Audit includes:

1. The Experience Inventory

2. Hobbies, Interests & Talents Inventory

3. Your Credentials, Achievements, & Affiliations

When you have finished the Expert Audit you will have a resource of assets you can use to get a job, start a business, become a spokesperson or representative, or establish strategic partnerships.

This goes beyond focusing on your 'genius' or brilliance or passion. The  Expert Audit reveals where you have real experience, expertise, and authority that you can present as the foundation for a career or business as an expert, with a variety of opportunities besides coaching.

Developed by Jennifer Hoffman, a veteran of the business and technology industries who had 6 major job layoffs in 8 years and decided to start her own business.

With degrees in Finance, Economics, and Business Administration, a 25 year corporate career as a business and technology expert, and 20 years of experience as an online business pioneer, she is THE Business Expert and Cash Flow Catalyst, the iconic authority on business startup and growth, founder of the GPS Business Academy, the premier resource for expert business advice, resources, and training for start-ups, re-starts, and expanding empires.

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